HP iPAQ RX1950 Series

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In the year 2005, HP introduced the iPAQ RX1950 series to serve as its entry-level PDA option. The RX1950 was meant for enterprise use, while the RX1955 was released to consumers, costing $299.99. They both ran Windows Mobile 5.0 Premium Edition.

🎬 LGR covered the RX1955 in one of his videos.

A photo of the iPAQ.


Overall, reviewers were quite happy with the RX1950 series. Its price was lower than competing PDAs, but it still managed to be a very capable little device. This is because it featured the latest version of Windows Mobile, and had built-in WiFi connectivity. The main criticisms were that it lacked Bluetooth, had a QVGA resolution display, had limited storage, and didn’t have a Compact Flash slot. Thanks to its relatively low price, reviewers were mostly able to overlook these shortcomings.


Category iPAQ
Display 3.5 inch QVGA resolution (320x240) TFT LCD
Processor Samsung S3C2442 at 300 MHz
Graphics No dedicated graphics
RAM 32 megabytes SDRAM
ROM 64 megabytes
Connectivity 802.11b WLAN, IrDA, proprietary HP connector for charging and synchronization (via USB)
Operating System Windows Mobile 5.0 Premium
Battery 1100 mAh lithium ion
Size and Weight 2.8 inches wide, 4.5 inches tall, and 0.6 inches thick, and weighs 4.41 ounces
Price $299.99

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