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The Dell Axim family of personal digital assistants(PDA's) was Dell's line of Windows Mobile Pocket PC Devices. The first model, the Dell Axim X5, was introduced in 2002, while the final model, the Dell Axim X51v, was discontinued on April 9, 2007

X51 family[edit]

The Dell Axim X51, released late September 2005, featured the same design as the X50, but runs #REDIRECT Windows Mobile 5 instead of Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition.

The X51 featured:

  • 3.7" VGA LCD screen with 16-Bit Color and Portrait/Landscape Support (X51v only)
  • 3.7" VGA is around 2.22" x 2.96" = around 216 pixels per inch
  • 3.5" Quarter-VGA LCD screen with 16-Bit Color and Portrait/Landscape Support (X51 Low & Mid)
  • Intel 2700G 3D multimedia accelerator with 16MB video RAM (X51v only)
  • VGA-Out functionality (using an optional adapter cable), enabling the PDA to be connected to a monitor (X51v only)
  • Built-In CompactFlash Type II expansion slot
  • Built-In Secure Digital expansion slot
  • Available Built-In 802.11b Wi-Fi Certification (X51 Mid & X51v only)
  • Standard Built-In Bluetooth 1.2 Compliance
  • Long-range IrDA interface
  • Up to 256MB Intel StrataFlash ROM with 64MB on-board RAM
  • Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 software with Windows Media Player 10 Mobile

The low-end X51 has an Intel XScale processor running at 416 MHz, 128MB flash ROM, and had a list price of $299. The mid-range model also has 128MB flash ROM, a 520 MHz processor, and retailed for $299. The high-end X51v has a VGA screen, a 624 MHz processor, 256MB flash ROM, and had a list price of $379.

As of February 17, 2007 the low-end X51 was discontinued.