Q: What will Project 2002 do?

A: Project 2002's main goal is to allow users to post their software directly to the site, instead of having to go through a team member first.

Q: How does posting work?

A: Posting is relatively simple in Project 2002. Rather than using an account system, we have you set a password for each post you submit. (don't worry, it's encrypted) This allows you to delete your posts in the future without having to contact an admin.

Q: What are you going to with existing archive items moving forward?

A: It is our goal to completely transition from managing the archive ourselves to the posting system fairly quickly. That being said, you'll still be able to download existing items from the PPC Planet CE page for the time being.

Q: Anything else to know?

A: That should be about everything there is to know. There's still room for improvement, so expect to see more updates soon! Check out Project 2002